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Everything You Need to Know

A Massage Should Make You Feel Good. Getting to know the steps before starting your session, will make you feeel relaxed and comfortable. 

Welcome to Nuad Thai Massage! 

Please have a sit and have a look at the spa menu.  A spa therapist will be with your shortly to assist you. 

Your session starts with a conversation with the head therapist.  

By understanding what you’re looking to accomplish, your therapist can then use various massage types and incorporate elements of them to address your specific needs. 

Your therapist will also ask you about your general physical condition and any possible injuries she should be aware of. As well as the pressure and areas of your body you need us to focus on.  This step is important for us!   

A massage should make you feel good and communication with your therapist is a key.

You can tell your therapist that you’d like more or less pressure, what areas you’d like her to target on, what might be causing you discomfort, and more.

Your feedback will help us deliver the best experience possible.

Upon deciding on which massage service to choose, your therapists will provide comfortable disposable slippers for you, will offer you a glass of mineral water – as it is important to be hydrated – and show you to the washroom. 

She will then take you to your room, where she will explain where to leave your clothes, what to wear and how to lie down on the therapy bed.   

Your therapist will step out for a moment, allowing you to disrobe (to your comfort level) and lay onto a table underneath the top sheet and blanket. During your massage, your therapist will only uncover the areas of your body she will be working on.

You can ask for either a full-body massage (for general relaxation) or a customized session focusing on specific parts of your body.  

Kind reminder, Nuad Thai Massage offers only professional massages, therefore, we will not be massaging the more private parts of your body.

During your massage, it is very important to relax your mind and muscles. Breathe normally and try not to tighten or contract your muscles. Maintain open lines of communication with your therapist if you’d like her to change her pressure or massage technique.

When your massage is complete, your therapist will wait outside while you dress up. When you’re ready, she will escort you to the reception area, offer you complimentary refreshments, such as a glass of water, a cup of green herbal tea with honey and/or an espresso coffee (it’s important to stay hydrated both before and after a massage).

Should you feel appreciated by the experience your offered you, you can  leave her a tip. Tips may be given at the reception area at the presence of your therapist or included in bill.  Stay assured that your therapist will get it!

We look forward to your visit!

What To Expect: Terms & Conditions
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